Training Times

Whether you are new to judo or an experienced player, you are welcome to train with us.

The Friday Open Mat is back, join us at 6:30 and after a warm up you are welcome to either, use the mat for any technical training you want, or join Anna Maria for a conditioning and technical session that will make you work!

If you would like to talk to someone before coming down please use the contact us page to get in touch.


Wednesday6.30-7.30pm 9-16Beginners to elite
Friday6:30-7:30pm 9-16Conditioning and technique
9-16Beginners to elite


Wednesday7.30-9:00pm16+Intermediate to elite, ‘FIGHT NIGHT’
Friday6.30-7.30pm16+Conditioning and technique
6:30-8:30pm16+Open mat, runs in parallel to conditioning class
Saturday3:00-4.30pm16+Beginners to elite, Ne Waza (Groundwork) technical session

Visitors are always welcome, mat fees -£5 juniors and students, £6 seniors. Unfortunately the club can’t take new Judoka who are under 5 years old, all other age bands can be changed on an individual basis, depending on the discretion of coaches.

Dojo Address:

Hereward College Sports Centre
Bramston Crescent