If you haven’t tried judo before it’s great for all round strength and cardio fitness. We don’t have a membership or joining fee. You pay as you train (and your first lesson is free), so it’s a great, cheap and effective way of staying fit while learning an Olympic sport. And much more fun than a normal gym.

Please come down and visit us on any Club night, you are sure of a warm welcome and we’ll answer any questions in person, send us an e-mail using the form below, or give Bruce a call on 07852 237080 or Sara on 07817 490241.

Judo is both good for cardio vascular excise and strength conditioning. As a full contact sports you will get a work out second to none and as you are using all your body to perform different exercises, it works you core fantastically.

If you want a fun and different way to get fit, learn a new sport and even a bit of self-defence then, come down and give judo a go.

We are a friendly club, where you can Pay As You Go, your first lesson is free and we’ll even lend you a jacket and belt.

You don’t have to already be fit to take up judo and you can progress at you own rate. We have new people learning it later in life as well as junior internationals who take it a whole lot more seriously. So whatever you goals come on down and take a look. Contact us with the form above or visit us on any club night.

Click here for our address and training times.