Here are some profiles for some of our regular members, in NO particular order.

Josh started judo at the age of 5. Now aged 16 he trains 4 times a week on both the junior and senior classes at Coventry judo club. He also trains at the British Judo Centre of Excellence in Walsall.

Josh is a member of the England Cadet Judo Squad.



Bronze – Sportif International 2012
Bronze – Venray International 2014

Gold – Kent International 2008
Gold – Kent International 2010
Gold – Kent International 2011
Gold – Kent International 2012
Bronze – Kent International 2013

British Championships:

2009- Bronze Medal
2010- Gold Medal
2011- Silver Medal
2012- Gold Medal
January 2013- Bronze Medal

December 2013- Silver Medal

National Ranking Events

Bronze – Midland Area under 20 years 2010
Gold – Midland Area under 20 years 2011
Gold- Midland Area under 20 years 2012
Gold – Midland Area under 20 years 2013

Silver – Heart of England 2011
Gold – Heart of England 2012
Gold – Heart of England 2013

Gold – North West Area 2013
Gold – North West Area 2014

Danny Broughton – October 2008

Took up judo in 1979, following his brother into the sport. Has travelled extensively to compete in Masters tournaments with the most notable success being a bronze medal in the 2002 World Masters Championship whilst also winning the 2003 Welsh Masters and gaining silver at the 2004 Multi-Nations of Europe Veterans Classic. A Club Coach who is particularly adept at working with beginners, constantly encouraging them. Attributes judo with giving him confidence, sporting success and fitness as well as the opportunity to forge friendships with many international players.

Jean-Marc – July 2007

My name is Jean-marc Luisoni, I am 29 years old and have been living in England for about 6 years now.

I started Judo at the age of 7 at the Judo Club de Gerland in Lyon,France.

I got my 1st dan at the age of 18 but got severely injured the following year breaking my left knee ligaments during a practise. I stayed away from the mats for 8 years after the incident.

My main achievement during that period has been a silver medal at a regional competition and wining my place in the finals with a throw after 5 seconds in the combat.
I got introduced 3 years ago to the Coventry Judo Club by a friend who practises there and I have been training at this club since. The people there are really nice and it’s just a pleasure to turn up to the sessions.
My goal now in Judo is to enjoy myself and improve my techniques and maybe go for my second dan soon.
Finally, I have to say that I have two favourite Judo players. When I was a child, I had the privilege to meet Fabien Canu and even being thrown by him. He was my hero for years. But then came David Douillet. I met him once in Paris and shook his hand. He was so impressive. He has been my favourite player since his first Olympic title and even now after being retired.