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Coventry Judo Club is home to a bunch of enthusiastic Judoka. We offer everything from recreational Judo for family fitness and fun, to serious competition training, for both kids and adults. We are a member club of the British Judo Association. We have a seriously impressive track record for Excellence, having produced British, and European Champions at Junior and Senior level, a Senior World Champion, World Silver Medalist and World Bronze Medalist, twice Olympic Silver medalist and a para olympic Bronze medalist (Beijing 2008)  and Silver Medalist (London 2012). There are going to be more. Are you one of them? chelsie and jasmin fighting in british u21

Come along and try the olympic sport of Judo. If you are serious about Judo, then Coventry Judo Club is the place to be.

Most people have heard of Judo, along with Karate and Kung Fu it’s probably one of the most heard of Martial Arts in the Western World, but not many people really know what it is and why Judoka love the sport so much. At it’s heart, Judo is a modern Japanese martial art and combat sport created in Japan in 1882 by Dr Kano Jigoro. The idea is to throw your opponent on their back, pin them or subdue them using joint locks and pins. Kano created the combat sport of Judo so that the martial art could be practised at full force whilst maintaining the safety of the fighters. Because of this, Judo is considered to be one of the most effective martial arts for self defence. It encourages hard work and self discipline, the only way to become successful is through practice and regular training. For this reason it is also perfect for children and being an Olympic sport, there is a solid infrastructure to help kids become World Champions. It is also ideally suited to the modern sport of MMA as it concentrates on take downs and ground work.

Coventry Judo Club is a member club of the British Judo Association
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Midland Area British School Qualifier

This weekend the Midland Area School Qualifier Event also took place at Walsall.

Sofia Carbone after her success in the British Championships followed this up with the Gold Medal

in the Yrs. 8/9 + 57 Kilos event.

In the Years 10/11 Event Chris P. and Kieran R. both won Bronze medals in the U73 Kilos Boys event.

school qualifiers2 


2016 Scottish Open Results

Chelsie Giles wins the Gold in the U21 Scottish Open Championships

at U52 Kilos. Chelsie then goes one better and wins the Women’s Category at U52 Kilos.

     chelsie and jasmin fighting in british u21

Imogen Morland won the Silver Medal in the U21 Scottish Open Championships at U78 Kilos

Imogen then went on to win the Bronze in the Women’s Category at U78 Kilos.

    Imogen scottish open

Unfortunately British Champion Josh Giles had to withdraw due to injury.

2016 England Squad Announced with 7 Coventry Players included

Pre Cadets

U57K   Brooke Adams

U55K  Dominic Woolvine


U55k  Harry Tredaway

U55K   Josh Giles

U52K  Yasmin Javadian

U70K  Beth Meadows

Junior Girls

U52K Chelsie Giles

Gemma Gibbons voted Sky Sportswoman of the month

Gemma Gibbons voted Sky Sportswoman of the month for December after winning a Bronze Medal in the Tokyo Grand Slam



Gema Gibbons 2016

5 British Champions for 2015!

  Chelsie British

Coventry Judo Club is proud to announce that we now have 5 British Champions in the club. More pictures and information on the news page.

Chelsie Giles, Senior u52kg Senior and Junior British Champion 2015!